I was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. I then attended Virginia Commonwealth University where I double majored in Business and Marketing. After college I did some extensive touring and recording with a band called Ragdoll. After the band split ways, I made my way to Los Angeles to "make it in music." I put together my band Soul Shaker and played in clubs all over California, Las Vegas and Arizona. I also played in the Boogie Knights organization for a good while until I couldn't wear an afro anymore.

I have worked on my debut record for almost a year, and with the help of a great producer, Matt Quave, and his brother, Wes Quave, it is finally here. I hope you enjoy the music as I have poured my heart and soul into it. The songs are written from a collection of relationships, experiences, thoughts and life lessons I've learned along my road to wisdom and understanding. Thank you for your support, and God bless.

Don't Worry
Don't Worry - (B. Bly, M. Quave)

Woke up this morning wondered what I’d do
If I didn’t have you in my life to fill me like you do
This feeling inside me makes me realize
That I never had it so good in all of my life

You make me feel good inside
You give me all that I need
I feel like I could fly
Girl you give me wings… sing it now

Don’t you worry about a thing baby
I’m gonna give you everything lady

So good to be around you and all the joy that you bring
I wanna be a better man give you everything in me
Just wanna be near you’ve got the best of me
Said I wanna have you in my life I can be I can be now


So tired of spending time looking around
Looking for something so real
Now that I’ve found you and got you in my life
I wanna let you know just how I feel about you
I Could Be
I Could Be - (B. Bly, M. Quave)

I could be your everything if you just let me be
I’d give you all my love if you’d open up to me

The day will come when you find you’re all alone
You’ll start to wonder why you’re on your own
The nights grow long as the days go by
You wish you could go back in time
It’s not too late to give love another try


I know your pain girl I’ve been there before
You got your hopes up and watched them walk out the door
He broke your heart he told you lies
I’ll be waiting patiently for my time


I could be your everything
I could be your everything

The Last Time
The Last Time - (B. Bly, W.Quave, M. Quave)
Co-produced by Wes Quave

Just wanna let you know how much you mean to me
You’ve helped me be everything that I wanted to be
Your smile your touch you mean oh so much
I want to feel you here next to me
Never want another love in my life
Wanna hold you as if it’s the last time

If I knew this was the last time
So many things I’d wanna say
We always think we have a lifetime
Don’t let this good chance slip away

Thank you for being there and listening to me
You’ll never know how much your words they helped me see
I want to feel you next to me
Your love it brings me ecstasy
Just wanna let you know I’m so glad you’re in my life
Wanna hold you as if it’s the last time


You may never know
So make sure that you say what’s on your mind
You may never know
So make sure that you make the most of your time
All I Need
All I Need - (B. Bly, M. Quave)

In my eyes there’s only you
In my life there’s only you

There’s no one who’d come before you
There’s no way that I’d ignore you
You’re my one and only girl
In every way you fulfill me
No one else could ever thrill me
It’s only you in my world

You’re all I need you set me free
You’re the air I breath you’re all I need

In my heart there’s only you
In my soul there’s only you


You’re all I need you set me free
You’re the air that I breath you’re all I need

When I’m lost you’re the light to find my way
And when I’m down it’s you that gets me through the day

You’re all I need you set me free
You’re the air that I breath you’re all I need
Signs - (B. Bly, M. Quave)

People make mistakes in their lives (I’ve made mine)
But they don’t know until they have tried (‘till they have tried)

See now there are things that we see along the way
Said it’s up to us the interpretation
So I ask myself these things

What I see it could be so many things
What I feel it is real or what my heart thinks
What I choose if I refuse if I look away from the light
I need to see the signs

Wisdom comes to those who make mistakes (yes it does)
But in this life we learn along the way (learn along the way)



Sometimes it hard to recognize
Even when it’s right before my eyes
Sometimes I see only what I want to see
So please help me, I need to see the signs

Where Will You Be
Where Will you Be - (B. Bly, W.Quave, M. Quave)
Co-produced by Wes Quave

Through saddened eyes I begin to see the signs
The greed the anger deception and lies all of the time

Which way you gonna go when you see the signs
Which way you gonna fall in line
Which way you gonna ride the wave
Do you know what you feel deep down inside
About the feelings you try to hide
What you gonna do when you try to find your way

Where will you be, on judgment day
Where will you be when all is said and done
Where will you be
Will you be left behind or will you be moving on
Where will you be

So close your eyes and try to see.. see in your mind
That we may be witnessing the end….. the end of all time



It’s slowly creeping up behind us
If we would look then we would see
That it’s time to make some choices
About our fate our destiny


Where will you be
Won't Hold You Back
Won't Hold You Back - (B. Bly, M. Quave)

I’ve been looking around
And I’ve seen what’s out there
I treasure what I have found
In you and what we share

I don’t wanna be the one that makes you feel like
You’re missing out on your life

I just wanna be the one that sets you free
And keeps you in a healthy state of mind
That’s what I’d like

I just want you to see
That it’s not about me

Find yourself do whatever you want
I just want you to know
That if you need to go
Won’t hold you back if you need to move on

You need time on your own girl I know I’ve been there
I know I should let go of you if I really care


Believe In Me
Believe In Me - (B. Bly, M. Quave)

Believe in me with all your heart
Give yourself a brand new start
Believe in me with all your soul
Free your mind just let go

You’ve been down this road before
I know you think you’re in control
But I don’t think you really know
That I… I’ve seen in all before
It hurts me to see you down
But there’s nothing I can do about… if
If you don’t believe

Believe in me with all your heart
Give yourself a brand new start
Break away from those chains that bind you
Believe in me with all your soul
Free your mind just let go
The path you choose is up to you

You… you keep looking around
You can’t find happiness
If you don’t have the right address
And I don’t wanna push you
You have to wanna make it right
Or we’re all just wasting time


It’s up to you

Goin To The Top
Goin To The Top - (B. Bly, M. Quave)

I’ve worked hard to get where I’m going
But I know I’m not quite there
Motivation keeps my juices flowing
The distractions are in the air

I know I won’t be satisfied if I don’t give my all everyday
I know if I just do this right I know that everything will fall my way

Said I’m going to the top ain’t gonna stop
Till I get where I wanna be
Said I’m going to the top ain’t gonna stop
Till I get where I wanna be in life

I start to see this come together
I can feel the time is right
Understanding makes my patience better
I know that things they come in time



Don’t think I won’t get there
Goin to the top ain’t gonna stop

Why - (B. Bly)

Girl it felt so good just to have you near me
I bared you my soul so you wouldn’t fear me
I put my trust in you cause I thought you would tell me
You said you’d speak honestly you’d keep nothing from me

I held you close I watched you cry
I touched your face I dried your eyes
I placed you before me
Now I watch you ignore me

Why can’t I be good to someone
When they feel the way you do
I need to find a way to move on
If I can’t put my faith in you
I wish I could just reach into your heart
If I could just heal your wounded scars
I’ll never get the chance to know
I guess it’s time for me to go

I saw something in you I’ve rarely seen before
I saw it in the way you smiled I thought I know for sure
I thought that I could see that you would respect me
Butt little did I know the truth how much you could affect me
I was blinded by what I felt inside
I thought that you wouldn’t run and hide
Sometimes I guess I just don’t learn
That’s why I keep on getting burned


You took me for a ride knew I felt down deep inside
You could have told me anything but you lied cause it’s easier to hide
Than to have spoken honestly
You could’ve told me anything

You told me from the start but your actions they showed me
That you wouldn’t want this if I could wait patiently
So now I’ll walk away I’ll try to find my safe place
Should have listened to you when you said your heart was locked away


It’s time for me to go
Why…. Oh why
I Miss You
I Miss You - (B. Bly, W.Quave, M. Quave)
Co-produced by Wes Quave

I miss you and all the things that you do
I’d go around the world if it would bring me back to you

There comes a time when you find someone
That you’ll take the time to understand
Understand in a way you never have before
It means so much more than you had planned
But I found out I never let my feelings show
So you had to let me go and make a stand


I miss the little things like the way you smile
How you’d walk the mile to be with me
No I just can’t get enough of your sweet energy
Girl you breathe life in me you’re all I need


I can’t stand the thought of living life without you
I just want you to know that I need you baby
I would do anything to prove my love for you girl
Show you that my love it for real

It's Your Life
It’s Your Life - (B. Bly, M. Quave)

It’s your life what you gonna do
You create what you’re going through
It’s your life what you gonna do
Don’t let these things get the best of you

Tired of going through hard times
You’ve got so much on your mind
Everything that’s around you
Always something weighing on you

It’s time that you start learning
That things they won’t start turning
Around if you don’t learn from the past
Learn from your mistakes
Said it’s never too late
To get yourself on the right path
It’s your life


You keep going through the same things
Situations they just don’t change
You need to take a look around you
Cause there are things that you can do